What is Blogging? How to do Blogging in 2021 – In-Depth GUIDE

Hello friends, today I am going to share about a career option where people like Harsh Agarwal are earning 30-40 lakhs a month.

What is Blogging? How to do Blogging in 2021

If we talk about the audience of that career option, then 77% of the internet users are the audience of that career option. And if I talk about customers, then more than 40 crore people are its customers,

Think how good that career option will be. You read this article completely. In this, I will tell you the complete process step by step – How to do blogging? Complete Guide How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online.

After that you will be able to decide for yourself how much work in this career option.

Many new career options are coming in the changing India. As before, it is not a matter of choosing between 2-3 careers. Now there are many career options available in which you do not need to work under anyone.

 The career option that I am going to tell you today is such a career that even when you are sleeping, your income will be generating in a mind-blowing way.

 Some people earn by speak their words and some earn by write their words. Like I earn writing, which is called Blogging.

Definition of Blogging. Details of Blogging. What is a blog or blogging?

A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web that includes discrete, often informal diary-style text entries.

Whenever you write something on an event, on a situation, on a topic, that written material is called Blog, and the process of writing it, the process of earning from it, the process of publishing it is called Blogging.

Can I create a Career in Blogging?

 Many people did not explore this career thinking that blogging would probably be a hobby, not a career.

Today I’m going to tell you step by step –

  • How can you make blogging a career?
  • Complete Blogging Tutorial Beginner to Advance Guide (Step by Step Process)
  • Best Web Hosting Companies for India (2021)
  • Complete SEO Tips and Tricks
  • How are people earning millions in this?
  • What can cause people to be successful in it?
  • Which problem do you have to face in blogging?
  • How to solve it easily?
  • Which mistakes did blogger like me and do not do?
  • Average Salary of a Blogger.

Can I do Blogging along with Job?

 Today I am going to tell you the whole step by step process and if you have an existing job or business, then this blogging is of your job,

 Because there is a survey with blogging that whose business is, 55% visitors to his business increased in his site.

 So, either way will work on career option, it will also help in growing your business, let’s understand this well –

Examples of Blogging

Whenever someone says that I have to blogging, I create a blog and start writing my words.

 Today he wrote about mobile, today wrote about his day, travelled somewhere, wrote about it, wrote about someone’s lifestyle. This will not be like, friend.

 In today’s date, if you will not run this strategy, just to share your experience, then it may not become a career option, it will remain a hobby.

 So if it is to be a career option, then the first thing you have to understand is “NICHE“.

What is Niche?

Niche means a specific area, a specialized area.

You said I have to make a blog, now if you have chosen a topic in the blog, that is your Niche.

How many types of Niche are there?

 Suppose technology, this is a Niche, that I just have to write about technology.

 Now inside the Niche as well – Gadgets is a Global Niche.

 And inside gadgets that are Smartphone Reviews, Upcoming Phone Reviews, Laptops Reviews, Cameras Reviews etc. This is your Specific Niche.

 Apart from that, there are many Micro Niche inside Mobile Phones Review.

 Like I will write only about MI phones, or only APPLE or only ASUS / VIVO / OPPO / SAMSUNG will write about one phone only.

 Just like writing about a mobile phone company which is a blog, it is called Micro Niche Blog.

Example – Like I will tell hacks, tips and details comparison of using the phone only about MI. Just as the settings in MI phones also show the company Ad (Advertise), how to block it. You can write such an article on Blog.

For your information I have given about some 25 Topic-

Top Best Blogging Topics Idea 2021

  1. Job & Careers,
  2. Health & Fitness,
  3. How to Make Money Online,
  4. Food,
  5. Fashion & Beauty,
  6. Beginners Guide,
  7. Parenting – Baby Care Tips,
  8. Home Decor,
  9. Personal Finance,
  10. Personal Development
  11. Politics News/ Films News,
  12. Interview Famous People,
  13. Gift Ideas,
  14. Biography,
  15. How to/Tech Guides,
  16. Lifestyle,
  17. Motivational,
  18. Reviews & Specifications,
  19. Business Ideas & Tips,
  20. Photography Guide,
  21. Books Reviews,
  22. Insurance Adviser,
  23. Education Guide,
  24. Google AdWords,
  25. Investments Guide.

Rest, you can google top blogging topics” for more details.

So now it is up to you which Niche you will choose. You can choose Niche, you can choose Global Niche, you can choose a specific Niche, after all you can choose a Micro Niche.

 But in the beginning, if you make a blog on any of the topics, then your chances of becoming successful are increased, remember this.

How to Find Your NICHE? Several ways to find NICHE?

 Now you have to find your Niche, so how will you find it? I have already told you 25 top blogging topics above, but you have to select only one of these topics in starting, then how will you do it !!

 So now you have to question yourself –

Which is such Topic or Niche, on which you can also write a complete 1000 article. About which, if you are allowed to say the whole day, then you can talk to anyone on that day for years, you can teach someone.

If there is to be success in blogging, then it is very important to choose a good Niche in the starting & you should choose it which is comfortable to you.

Now let me also tell you that it is not very important that those topics that you have a lot of knowledge, experience, but the most important thing is that you should be INTEREST in those topics. If there is interest, you will gain knowledge, know about it, will also tell people, that journey becomes very fun.

 So you choose your Niche by thinking carefully on which topic you have to blogging on.

 Why am I telling this much about Niche, because this is what sets Niche apart from the crowd.

 Otherwise more than 40 lakh blog posts are published daily. You will not know when you will come in so much traffic or when you will leave.

If there is scope, there is also competition, there is competition, then there is also a solution.

 So you also choose one of your Niche.

Like if you need a how to guide, labnol.org, if you have the interest to read the book then bookgeeks.in to read in English, and Motivation, Inspiration, Book Review / Summary, Health Tips, Kahaniya, Personality Development, Meditation, in Hindi Business ideas, Blogging Tips, Genuine Make Money Online Tips to read thoughtinhindi.com, if you want to learn to blog then shoutmeloud.com and shoutmehindi.com

 So in this way, you can make a blog of the thing you are interested in.

 Now there is an confusion in your mind that you have decided 3-4 interest, now which of them is interest, which will give you more profit, which one will give less profit, how will you know !!!! Use some of its free tools –

Tools for Choosing A NICHE

 Now how can you know Niche with more profit? For this, you can use a free tool – Ahrefs Keyword Generator

ahrefs keyword generator

ahrefs free keyword generator

 You can see in this image, I searched on ahrefs keyword generator tool by typing “seo”.

 So the complete details of the Keyword of that seo name like –

  • • Search Volume (This means how many times in a month people are searching this seo name on google),
  • • Keyword Difficulty (where KD is written) – it means that if you create a blog on top of this keyword then how difficult it is going to be your blog, it defines,
  • • CPC (cost per click) – Sorry guys, because nowadays these free tools do not tell CPC for free.

So for you I mean a Free Keyword Research Tool, a Free Chrome Extension that you have to install in your Chrome Browser, its name is – Keyword Surfer.

keyword surfer chrome extension

* Note: – Yes, keep in mind that starting your blogging career only by doing your own keyword research, work on what is a very unique keyword, even though there is less traffic in it.

So whenever you use these Ahrefs tool and Keyword Surfer Chrome Extension, you can write any word there. As shown in this image. Meaning, search for the keyword you want by going to ahrefs keyword generator first and then search the same keyword once on google and you will get the complete details through the keyword surfer itself as you can see on the image below.

keyword surfer chrome extension keyword research

 You will be able to decide on which keyword you will write a blog by looking at it, in simple words, the traffic of which keyword is more, competition is less also means KD (Keyword Difficulty) is within 10 or 10, and cpc is more , Then it may be the most profitable Niche for you.

Can you create multiple Niche’s blog simultaneously?

In today’s date, the most successful bloggers start with one Niche, then gradually diversified their Niche, meaning one Niche followed by another Niche, then the third, then the fourth, with more such Niche. Increase, like you look at my Blogs.

Example – Suppose you created a blog for Football, you started writing about Football, now if you start writing about books, then your audience will be confused, they don’t want to write about books. I am interested in blogs about football.

• How you can use Multiple Topic –

 If you are blogging about football, sometimes share football related books or magazines.

 Then you can share the biography of football related big football player.

So your audience will be comfortable reading your blogs slowly, then gradually you can also share other sports related books or magazines.

 So start with a Niche, then while sharing a related article, you can expand your Niche.

 So if you want to become a successful blogger, make a career in blogging, then follow those steps as I told you about Niche.

Choose Right & Easy to Remember Domain Name:

 Now that you have taken your Niche mist, it is very important to choose a well-remembered domain name.

What is domain name?

Domain Name is what will be the name of the website, same will be your domain name.

 So you have to choose a good name with 2-3 words related to your Niche. For example, if you want to write about any sports, you can choose your domain like that – sportsblog.com (this domain is already taken by someone else, then you cannot buy it again). Meaning if even a word of your niche was found in it, neither will work.

 When you connect a few words of your niche with your domain name, then people know what you write or tell on Blog. Like my blog is the base of all the thoughts of our life and since I had to write in Hindi, I gave it its name thoughtinhindi.com

 So, you should also choose one of your niche related domains and keep in mind that once you have registered your domain with a domain register company, you can get that name again after one day or even after a month or ten months for free. Can not change For this, you will have to register a new domain again. So before choosing the domain name, definitely think ten times.

 After choosing the domain name, you should search on Namecheap, or Google Domain and see that you are getting cheap deals and on the same you register your domain name.

 Now also keep in mind that you only buy domain extension .com, .org, .net, .info.

Choosing The Right Blogging Platform (CMS)

 Now that you have chosen one of your most profitable Niche, it is very important to choose a good platform.

 What would happen if you reached the railway station, the platform on which the train is to come, if you did not reach that platform and caught another train on another platform !!!

 Like you had to go to Mumbai to Delhi, you will reach Mumbai to Tamil Nadu or Mumbai to Jharkhand.

 In the same way in Blogging, it is very important to choose the platform properly.

1. What is Platform (CMS) in Blogging?

 The platform in blogging is where you write your blog / article, publish it.

 These are the places where people come and read your blog, this is the place from which you have the option to earn.

 So the platform of blogging is called CMS in the language of hum blogging. Natalav Content Management System, where we manage all of our content meaning blog post / article.

2. How to Choose Right Blogging Platform (CMS)

 You will find many platforms to start a blog such as – WordPress.org, Blogger.com, WordPress.com, TypePad, Wix, Joomla, Drupal etc.

Out of this, you have two options:

• There is a free option, such as Google’s own free Content Management System – Blogger.com –

In which you are given unlimited space to write,

1 GB space will be available for using image and video,

You can bring unlimited traffic in it, there will be no problem.

This gives full security to your blog, as Google owns it.

• The other option is Paid CMS (Content Management System) – (WordPress.org)

 In this, you have to pay a Fee, in return for a fee, you get a Domain Name and Hosting. In this, you get full rights on your blog. But in terms of security, this is a little unsecured in the paid platform.

3. Difference Between Free and Paid Content Management Systems

 Now what is the difference between this free and paid option, how to decide –

4. The first difference between these two is Domain name, meaning the name of your blog.

 If you go to the free option, then the name of your blog will be something like this – yourname.blogspot.com or yourname.wordpress.com.

 Like if my blog was free then thoughtinhindi.blogspot.com and when I paid then my name is thoughtinhindi.com.

4. In free domain and hosting you get some limited features and in paid domain and hosting you get unlimited features.

 But it is not that the free thing is cheap, no, Blogger.com is Google’s own and you know that Google is the King of Internet. Each of their products is BEST. But there are some products which is good but not the best.

4. What is Free Domain reduces your branding in half, meaning it is shared branding. It is not completely yours, but in paid domain like thoughtinhindi.com is my own branding. This is not my shared branding, and brand is important when you create a blog.

4. The advertisement that is in the Free Domain is not completely under your control, but in the paid domain i.e. self hosted domain

 Now it is your choice whether to take a free domain, or a self hosted domain. If you really have to do blogging, then you should make a small investment, it is a very small investment, ahead of the size of its business.

 You can buy Domain Name and Hosting by going to this link below.

What is Hosting?

 What is your content, meaning unique videos, text, audio or photos that you share for the public, then when you create it, then you have to keep it stored somewhere else, so where you Stored or hosted, it is called Hosting.

 I have given you a link to some domain name register company above, so if you buy the domain from there, you will get something cheaper and hosting, take Hostinger, you get the best in cheap.

Best Hosting Provider with free Domain & Free SSL Certificate – Hostinger (which also hosted my blog)


Hosting Plan –

hostinger hosting plans

 In this, you should choose a plan named Single Web Hosting in the beginning, because your blog is new and you are making only one blog first, then in this personal plan you get a plan with single domain, and when you feel like If I want to make another blog, then you can also upgrade your plan named Single Web Hosting. First, there is no need to spend so much money.

 If you want, you can also create a blog in Blogger.com in the beginning, and when after 6-7 months you will learn everything about blogging and your blog will become popular slowly, and will earn a lot of money. You can convert your blog to WordPress by taking paid membership easily.

• Can anyone start their own blog?

 Now it is not necessary that you are from technical background, this site will make you step by step Blogs, and you can make your blog by following steps very easily.

How to create a blog: How to Start a BLOG – Best STEP-by-STEP Beginners Guide

STEP 1: Go to this link – Hostinger.com

STEP 2: Select Your Plan – Single Web Hosting (for beginners), Premium Web Hosting (for Intermediate), Business Web Hosting (for Professionals)

STEP 3: Click Buy Now, after that you have to select I want to buy a new domain name.

domain registration

STEP 4: Now choose your Niche keyword related name and choose a good name of 2-3 words in that blank area. If you have purchased your domain from another domain register company, then i already have a domain name click on it and you put your domain name there.

That will be the name of your blog.

STEP 5: After that, Backup your website with CodeGuard (This is CodeGuard, it should be purchased to backup your site, it should be bought because if there is some problem in your site then your entire blog posts will disappear. , And you cannot buy the article you wrote without re-creating the backup system) It is written Add to cart,

 And then select Secure your website with SiteLock in the Add to cart option, and then click Continue to checkout.

STEP 6: After that you will be taken to the page of your ORDER SUMMARY, after seeing everything there, click Proceed to Checkout if everything is fine.

buy a resellerclub hosting

STEP 7: After that click on your Create An Account, you will get this form in front of you, fill it and click on Create Account below.

resellerclub personal details filling

STEP 8: Pay –

resellerclub payment options

STEP 9: Then after that you have to click on continue to managing orders –

STEP 10: click – Manage Orders> click List / Search Orders

resellerclub manage orders

STEP 11: click Your Domain Name –

resellerclub list of orders

STEP 12: click> HPanel Details> go to HPanel URL

resellerclub cPanel details

STEP 13: After clicking the cPanel URL, you will have a page show of cPanel, after that you check your email, in it you will get the username and password of cPanel. Enter it in cPanel and click on login.

resellerclub cPanel login

STEP 14: go to cPanel and click> SSL / TLS Status

resellerclub ssl / tls status check

STEP 15: click> as image

resellerclub ssl certificate activate

STEP 16: GO again cPanel> click> softaculous apps installer

resellerclub softaculous apps installer

STEP 17: click> WordPress

install wordpress in resellerclub cPanel

STEP 18: click> https: // www.

install wordpress in resellerclub cPanel

STEP 19: click> in directory and let it be empty

install wordpress in resellerclub cPanel

STEP 20: click edit> site name, site description (your choice) and Next click> enter Your Username and Password

install2Bwordpress2Bin2Bresellerclub2BcPanel 3

 Create your own username and password for wordpress.


install2Bwordpress2Bin2Bresellerclub2BcPanel 4

STEP 22: After this your wordpress will be installed in your cPanel and after opening a new tab in the browser and writing your domain name like yourname.com/wp-admin, then this page will be open in front of you –

wordpress login page

STEP 22: click> enter your Username and Password and click> Log In and Go to WordPress Dashboard

WordPress Dashboard

STEP 23: Now you also watch this video, it has a full tutorial of wordpress – (Friends, this is not my video)

 Friends, you can learn the secret of WordPress by watching the video, it is not that you create the same blog / website, you only have to learn what the settings / options work in the WordPress dashboard.

• First of all, always keep in mind that the quality of your content (article) should be absolutely 100% UNIQUE. No one should be copied. This will never rank your blog in Google / Bing Search Engine.

• Now that you have created blogs, publish blog posts too but the most important thing is that in today’s time without doing SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZE), your BLOG POSTS is not going to be seen. then what will happen!!! I have mentioned above SEO EXPERT GUIDE and in the blog post that what is STEPS for writing BLOG POST and PROMOTION, you can read them by going through the link given below and Google can bring your blog up –

 You got this blogging from us? Blogging Kaise Kare? What is Blogging in Hindi? How did you feel like commenting below and if you have to ask anything, then definitely ask me by commenting and blogging Kya Hai? Blogging Kaise Kare? What is Blogging in Hindi? Do share with each of your friends.

Thank you for your valuable time,

Wish You All The Very Best.

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