Blogger VS WordPress Free Platform Comparison

Blogger VS WordPress Free Platform Comparison

Blogger VS WordPress Free Platform Comparison: We charge for platform tickets, where we do not charge for platform tickets. Really this is happening in the blogosphere now. Starting your blog in a free platform like Blogger and WordPress is the best way to get started into blogging.

You may think of starting your own new blog by spending some pennies around for domain and hosting etc..But if you are new to blogging then I’m totally recommending you to use a Free platform first. According to me “Learn the Core and Come to Play” Yes, I believe in these words, and those words are said by me.

”Learning the Core” means learning the thing in the right way it meant to be learned. If it’s blogging then you should go for a free platform and learn the inner core of blogging and the best part of using a free platform is that you will be having a lot of troubles and finally you’ll break them all and learn the real blogging. After that “Come to Play” yeah now you are ready to roll with your own new blog where you spent some pennies on it and you really know how to manage it too.

So seeking Expert advice always helps in everything especially in blogging. Normally I can see many peoples coming to blogging as a newbie and they are choosing Blogger or WordPress free platform to get started with blogging and If you are one of them then Congrats you made the right decision. So here I’m going to compare both the WordPress and Blogger free platforms as per my experience that made me a twist to my blogging career.

Blogger Vs WordPress Free Platform Comparison

User Interface 

The user interface is the most important feature every newbie blogger should check. To be more clear User Interface is the experience of you with that Platform’s systems. A much more easy user Interface will be easy to handle while a techy one can hassle you. If we take that into consideration then Blogger is the best. Blogger is the easiest blogging platform I’ve ever experienced and even a child can handle its system.

While WordPress makes you confused in some of the area’s maybe most of the areas. But to be honest, WordPress is the Powerful system I’ve ever experienced and the majority of the bloggers are using the WordPress platform. As I said if you are starting a New Blog without any knowledge in Blogging then Blogger is the right pick for you.

Search Engine Friendly Platform

Yeah! this is the best part of Internet which can bring a lot of traffic to your blog that makes your blog reputed as well as you can see your bank account becoming BIG.Getting a lot of traffic with SEO is not that Easy.

Before that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the way we setup our blog or our blog posts using some rules and ethics of Google as well as other Search Engines to get traffic from them.

Eg : If someone is searching like ” Blogspot vs wordpress ” on Google and showing this post in the first page of the results.Then that person who searched the keyword will be clicking on this link for sure.So what if about 1000 peoples are searching it a day : You get 1000 visits a day !!

That is Awesome right? Yes it is but taking the position in Google is not at all easy for that you need to Learn SEO.

While it comes to blogger platform ,to be frank with you SEO is bad.You may think that Blogger is a Part of Google.But the Google is not supporting the blogspot blogs in case of SEO.But WordPress is the master for SEO.They have a countless number of Plugins which helps in SEO very well.

In the case of SEO also I’m suggesting you to use WordPress.It may sound weird,please spare your 30Sec to read my Experience here,

“I started with Blogger and tried to learn everything especially SEO.Finally I learned most of the SEO parts and as a result of my Hardwork I’m getting good amount of Search Traffic to my Blogger Blog.So think the condition of me doing SEO in WordPress platform , even though I’m not a SEO expert but I can perform well on WordPress rather than Blogger because of this Plugins and SEO support of WordPress “

So go for Blogger and Learn SEO first then you can rock with your blog .Here are some well written SEO Guides.

Design and Looks

This is one of the important thing we take into consideration.Your readers should have a free feeling while they read your posts.That’s everyone’s interested.Take the case of your’s will you make a revisit to a blog which always annoys you while reading the posts.Yes, freeness Everyone likes that.

When it comes to looks blogger doesn’t have that voice compared to WordPress.It have the largest collection of themes where you can find the amazing themes which are paid and free.The best part of WordPress templates is that they come up with an SEO friendly design which makes things more easier than before.


Blogger is the Best to start blogging with but moving along with Blogger for a long time is not that safe. I totally recommend you to use blogger first learn to blog and then migrate to WordPress. You cannot compare the power of WordPress if you are investing in it. But if I’m comparing the free platform Blogger is the ever best.

Feel Free to ask Your Doubts..Happy Blogging 🙂

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